EVO World 1 Stage 2 Cave of Guidance

The yellow crystal (EVO yellow crystal) is a rare item found in E.V.O. Search for Eden.

It is a yellow crystal orb, that speaks to the protagonist and is edible. Unlike the red crystal, which is gone once it has been eaten, the yellow crystal will reappear every time the player reenters the stage it was found in.

Eating a yellow crystal will cause the message "Something in your body speaks?!" to appear, which is then followed by the yellow crystal informing the protagonist about something.

Which information they receive is dependent on the eaten yellow crystal.

First YellowCrystal

The first yellow crystal is encountered at the end of the Cave of Guidance. Unlike the other yellow crystals after it, this one can not be ignored.

The protagonist is forced to eat the first yellow crystal, or otherwise, they won't be able to progress to the next stage of world 1.

Eating the yellow crystal will cause a cute, little tune to play and the following message to come up:

Something in your body speaks?!

How are you progressing?
Don't worry I will help you evolve.
You may call me crystal.

I will give you advice on how to evolve.

Evolving your jaws will increase your biting strength.

Evolving your body will increase your defensive power.

Evolving your horns will increase your attack power.

Evolving your hands, feet and dorsal fin as well as your tail,
will increase your Hit Point level, agility and strength.

Be careful, evolving one part of your body may decrease another part.

Once the player has read the message, they can leave the stage either by swimming back to the left and leaving the way they came or by pressing the right shoulder button on their SNES controller.

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